The Experts on Standby Generators

Don't get left in the dark—we often take for granted that the electricity will be there when we need it. What happens when it's not?

Standby Generators provide peace of mind that your business will continue with no interruption when there is a loss of electrical power in your area. Your customers depend on you to operate whether there's electrical power or not. Our emergency generator technicians have the background and experience to help you select the right size generator for your needs. Whether you choose a generator to power the essential equipment in your facility or if you require a full-service generator to energize your entire business, the investment will prove to be beneficial in the long run.

Installed Generator

The generator quick connect switchboard is an engineered assembly designed to allow the safe and fast connection of a mobile generator or portable load bank to your facility. These mobile units are commonly used due to the after-effects of a natural disaster. They provide a quick means of producing temporary electricity to your premises by either battery or diesel backup power supply.

Backup Power Supply Installations

  • Emergency Generator Maintenance
  • Mobile Generator Installation
  • Transfer Switch Installation
  • Docking Station
  • Emergency Backup Power
  • Annunciator Installation
  • Load Bank Testing
  • Emergency Stop Buttons

Emergency Power

Beacon Electrical can assist you with a turnkey project approach that includes the required engineering concepts, electrical load balance calculations, zoning clearances, permit process, rigging and transportation options, generator platform pad, and complex wiring terminations. Many times an alternate method is explored in contrast to a full-service generator; therefore, an emergency backup power supply source is set up to operate specific essential circuits throughout your facility. Critical equipment and circuits to consider, including the following:

  • Specific heating and AC units.
  • Computer servers, phone equipment, security control boards, fire alarm panels, UPS enclosures.
  • Elevator equipment, including dumbwaiters.
  • Life safety required lighting, including entrance and egress illumination.
  • Accessibility services including automatic doors, air curtains, cargo lift units.
  • High priority rooms including refrigeration, operating rooms, climate-controlled environments.

Important Mobile Generator Applications

  • Provide backup power to existing transfer switches during routine generator maintenance or generator repairs.
  • Power supply to temporary critical shelters or tents, including triage units.
  • Backup supply for outdoor events held at recreational parks, stadiums, or arenas.
  • Convenient connector point for portable load bank during the testing procedure.


Portable Generator

Docking Station